How many streams can I expect for my song?

TobiasBy TobiasIn How campaigns work

Multiple factors affect the number of streams a song might receive, including the Spotify promotions package that you choose, the quality of your song, and others. has helped more than 4,000 independent artists reach more than 150 million listeners to date. Your results may vary, depending on several different variables. Some of the common factors that determine the number of streams generated by a campaign include the following:

  • The quality of your song
  • The Spotify promotions package that you choose
  • Choosing genres that fit your song
  • The curator who selects your song and the listeners’ activities
  • The length of time that a curator keeps your song on his or her playlist
  • The position that your song is placed on a playlist (see FAQ on which position will you place my song)

Just because a playlist has a large number of followers, that does not mean that your song will receive the same number of streams. For example, you should not expect to generate 40,000 listeners simply because a playlist has 40,000 followers. On average, playlists average around 5 to 10% of active listeners. If your song is placed on a playlist with 40,000 followers, the playlist will have 2,000-4,000 active listeners during one month.