How does Spotify Playlist Promotion work?

TobiasBy TobiasIn Basics helps musicians to get their music heard by presenting their works to hundreds of playlist curators using Spotify Playlist Promotion. This helps artists to expand their musical careers by gaining much-needed exposure. The works of independent artists who use are promoted to independent playlist curators for placement on user-generated playlists. This can help artists to get their music placed on Spotify playlists and accelerate their careers.

Independent artists who use run campaigns lasting 2 months.

During a campaign, an artist’s song is sent to a group of curators that have been targeted by The curators that are targeted all have playlists that have an active following. When they receive your song, each curator will listen to it. If the curators like your music, they can choose to add your song to their playlists.

Once your campaign is finished, will send you a detailed report with all playlist placements. We have assisted more than 4,000 independent artists to reach more than 150 million listeners around the world.