How long will a curator keep my song on a playlist?

TobiasBy TobiasIn How campaigns work

Curators are allowed to keep your song on their playlists as long as they like. Depending on the Spotify promotion package that you choose, guarantees placement for one month. However, on average, your song will stay for 2 months. In some cases, curators keep our clients’ songs on their playlists for several months or years. Each curator has control over how long to keep any song on his or her playlist.

A curator’s decision about how long to retain a song on a playlist is entirely up to him or her. Some of the factors that might influence this decision include the fit of your song to the playlist, the frequency of their updates, and whether they try to limit their playlists to a specific number of songs. Each playlist curator is different. Some curators leave songs on their playlists for long periods while others replace songs to refresh their playlists more frequently.