How long are the campaigns?

TobiasBy TobiasIn How campaigns work

The length of your campaign will depend on the promotional package that you choose. Campaigns typically last for 2 months. Curators keep your music on their playlists for at least 1 month, on average for 2 months.

After your song is accepted, you will choose your Spotify promotions package to set up your campaign. During the launch of your campaign, we will send your song to the group of playlist curators we have identified. The curators who will receive your song will include those who are in the genres that you choose when you are setting up your campaign.

Once the playlist curators receive your song, they will have the choice to review it within three weeks. This allows them to decide whether they want to add your music to their playlists.

If a curator likes your song, he will place it on his playlist. Once your initial two-months Spotify promotion campaign ends, some curators might choose to leave your music on their playlists for more time. Others might choose to remove it. The curators decide how long to leave songs on their playlists.

When your campaign is finished, will send you a detailed report with all playlist placements.

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