How does the position on a playlist influence the number of streams?

TobiasBy TobiasIn How campaigns work

Your song’s position on a playlist is important. The higher your song appears on a playlist, the likelier it is that it will be heard. This is because people begin to turn away from a playlist after a certain period has passed. For example, if your song is selected for an exercise program playlist, the listeners will likely start turning away fairly early. If your song is selected for inclusion on a playlist for relaxing music, the listeners might listen to a larger number of songs.

For example, if your song is added to a curator’s playlist with 40,000 followers with a 10% activity level, the playlist will enjoy approximately 4,000 active listeners in a month. If your song is kept on the playlist for the entire month and is placed in the number one position, you will receive 4,000 listens. If the curator keeps your song in the number one position for two months, your song will receive around 8,000 listens.

Like your song’s position on a playlist, the length of time that the curator keeps your song on the playlist is likewise important. A curator who loves your music might place your song higher on the playlist and keep it there for a longer period.

The goal of is to secure the most favorable results for our clients. We try to place our clients’ songs somewhere between the top 10 and the top 30. As a curator can adds new songs higher than yours on a playlist, you might expect your song to move down in position.