Can you send me a list of the radio stations before I buy the promotion?

We can not send you our list of radio stations where we will place your music before you buy the promotion package. This is simply because we have over 40,000 stations in our database from all kinds of genres. We will plan your radio promotion campaign as soon as we have received your payment as every song has a specific market/genre or goal.

We are not able to do a radio station plan before we receive your payment because this requires a large amount of work; and unfortunately, there are some who may not ultimately be able to pay or move forward with the campaign. Because the work is so time-consuming, it would not be economical for our business if we completed work before being paid.

When your song is added to the stations during your campaign, you will be sent the name of the station that added your song.

On our website, you’ll find 2 case studies which include 2 airplay reports


You can download the airplay reports to get a glimpse of some of our stations.